Silicone hoses

Silicone hoses can be used where resistance to high and low temperatures, to ozone, to UV radiation and to other chemicals is required. They perform extremely well in food, pharmaceutical, machine and medical industries.

They are characterised by lack of taste and odour as well as resilience to cleaners used in food industry. They can be used in the direct contact with food and drinking water – they meet the requirements of international (FDA! 177.2600), BfR XV, and domestic standards (NHS certificate).

Silicon rubber hoses are characterised by their significant physiological indifference and can be subjected to multiple dry and steam sterilisation, which makes them suitable for medicine use.

JSF Silikon offers silicone hoses in wide range of hardness and elasticity and wide colour palette as well as the hoses of particular properties.

Specification Unit Value
Hardness °ShA from 10 to 90
Tear strength N/mm from 17 to 25
Elongation at break % from 300 to 900
Working temperature °C from -60 to +315

Range of dimensions:

  • Internal fi from 2 to 70mm
  • Wall thickness from 0.3 to 30mm

Data sheet - Solid Silicone Hoses