Additional technologies

JSF Silikon offers profiled seals joint into circumference used wherever tightness class plays a decisive role.
Seals in the form of frames and sealing rings are made among the others of silicone profiles and moulded fittings also with the use of metal inserts and reinforcements as well as valves.

They offer almost limitless possibilities of application. The products are joined by means of traditional processing as well as by pressure vulcanization at high temperature. It provides very good strength of joints and simultaneously their elasticity.


  • Large-format seals (e.g. diameter 3500 mm)
  • Frame seals and other – vulcanised into circumference
  • Valves
  • Doorstops
  • Plugs and caps for powder coating


JSF Silikon offers:

  • Ready products cutting – hoses, profiles and cords into segments of length from 2mm and of tolerance from 0,1mm
  • Manufacturing of forms and tooling – from steel and other materials (at our disposal we have fully equipped CNC toolmaker’s shop)
  • Silicone mixture – made in accordance with customer’s specification (different durability, density and colour)

If you think that your world is grey, we will try to colour it.
Our products are available in many colours according to RAL palette.

Data sheet - Additional technologies