Silicone profiles

Profiles and cords are perfectly suitable for sealing that protect from humidity, dust and changing weather conditions both at low and high temperatures as well as in contact with steam and many chemicals.

Exemplary application:

  • Baking and confectionery industry (lid seals, furnace door seals)
  • Meat processing (cooling and smoking chamber seals, hatch seals)
  • Heating systems and air-conditioning (duct seals, air-conditioning chamber seals)
  • Construction (protective seals between glass and steel, door and window seals)
  • Lighting industry (lamp seals)

JSF Silikon also offer cords and profiles of various shape and properties including these of special designation (e.g. fire-resistant, oil-resistant, intended for work in temperature below 60 ºC).

Specification Unit Value
Hardness: °ShA from 10 to 90
Tear strength: N/mm from 17 to 25
Elongation at break: % from 300 to 900 Working temperature: °C from -90 to +315

JSF Silikon offer broad and constantly extending catalogue of silicone profiles in many shapes and dimensions. If you cannot find the product you need in our offer, please send us a design or a pattern and the required profile will be manufactured quickly and in accordance with the specification received.

katalog profili