Silicon sheets

They are state-of-the-art materials intended for production of technical sealing of the large scale of pressures and temperatures. They allow quick production of articles in non-standard dimensions and technical parameters.

Silicone sheets are used for production of:

  • Seals of any shapes and dimensions (cut and joint into circumference by pressure vulcanisation, with assembly openings for the screws)
  • Endless belts – vulcanised into circumference
  • Curtains and screens – of different width and length (cut according to customer’s order)
  • Silicone tubes (compensators) – internal diameter, wall thickness and length of tube to be agreed

Solid silicone plates

Available formats: 320 x 350 mm i 400 x 500 mm
Sheet thickness: from 1 to 20 mm
Specification Unit Value
Hardness: °ShA from 20 to 90
Tear strength: N/mm from 18 to 25

Elongation at break % from 320 to 900 Working temperature: °C from -60 to +315

Solid silicone sheets

Available formats: 1200 x 10 000 mm
  1500 x 10 000 mm - on request
Sheet thickness: od 0,5 do 10 mm
Colours: colour of silicone (translucent) and red-brown (RAL 3013)

Specification Unit Value
Hardness: °ShA from 40 to 60
Tear strength: N/mm from 14 to 14,7

Elongation at break: % from 360 to 480 Working temperature: °C from -60 to +250

Data sheet - Solid silicone sheets

Data sheet - Solid silicone plates